Wow - what a great weekend of learning, socializing, bead talk, getting to know you talk, and excellent brownies to top it all off!

Yesterday I took Deryn Mentock's awesome Link Love class, and today I got the chance to take Kerry Bogert's Bang-a-Rang class.  First, a word about Kerry...

If you read her blog or have read her book, you would expect a lovely, creative, giving teacher and you would be completely correct.  Not only that, but she refused to let us fall into silent concentration...she kept the conversation flowing and floated from student to student, seemingly with a 6th sense for when our wiring was going off of the tracks!  We made two bangles from her book - Unhinged and Bang-a-rang, plus a third bangle that she added to the class just for ArtBLISS (note all the blingidy blingly bling on my wrist).  All of the beads in our kits were made by Kerry, to include the "create" bead that is the focal for the third bangle.  What was great about the class is that we started with copper, the Coiling Gizmo, and some colored copper wire to get the hang of things before getting down to business with her handmade beads and sterling silver.  I can't say enough about what a relaxing and fun class it was, yet I walked away filled with ideas.  Here are some quick pix of what I got to make today:



Bang-A-Rang (2 views)


All the wire and lampwork awesomeness!

Pause for minor rant...So this somewhat simple post with pictures from my camera phone should have taken me about 15 minutes, but instead due to technical issues (or my lack of technical skillz) it's taken me over a hour, and I soooooo wanted to get to bed at a time when a reasonable person would get to bed - sigh - I should quit fighting against my night owl tendencies and just drink (even) more coffee :-) 

Have a great Monday everyone!


  1. Looks like you had tons of fun! I'm off to take a class next weekend at a little bead show in Havana, FLA.
    I agree - I hate it when I go to do something technical "easy" and instead of being a time saver, it turns into an all-nighter! Work has done this over and over - now I have to keep a paper copy and an on-line copy of my grades. And as we have invested in more sophisticated systems, the number of "clicks" to enter a set of grades seems to have increased exponentially.

  2. Whoo hooo! Don't you just want to lick those beads? haaaaaaaa I'm so glad you had a fun time up there. Can't wait to see in person!

  3. Soory I haven't visited in a few days! Boy it sounds like you are having a blast! I am so jealous nothing like that comes close to me! Please keep updating on your fun!


  4. That's so great you made it to ArtBliss! I'm jealous. ;) Everything you made is gorgeous! You are a complete natural!

  5. Awesome work! I'll see you there next year, I hope!

  6. What a wonderful review Elisabeth!! I am thrilled you enjoyed class. Your projects turned out awesome!!

  7. Elisabeth, I've enjoyed reading your experiences in your two classes. Isn't Kerry the best? Your bangles turned out is so cool to go home with a few finished pieces to wear right out the door.
    And I hear you about technical difficulties...that always happens to me when I work on a new blog post... a quick one turns into a long one!


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