If you remember, I spent an insane amount on a silver Thai clasp and had two ideas for what to do with it.  By the way, the unanimous consensus (to include Greg and Emma) was #2.

So here are some goodies I have accumulated that I think will go into the project. Although I thought the connector I would use would be silver, I found these at Beaddazzled and they are an almost perfect match (greener in person, no idea what they are made of, but it must be something precious 'cause silver ones would have cost me less!):

At Colorstones in Florida I picked up these stone chips and I have a sterling silver necklace of large silver round beads and spacers that I haven't worn in ages (note tarnish) and have been thinking of repurposing. 

I like how it all looks together, just need to take the plunge and see if it comes together as I have imagined...that's what makes this so much fun!


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