I know I am preaching to the choir here, but trying to get better pictures of my jewelry, do simple cropping, rotating, etc. and getting them onto Etsy is my obsession for the week and its:

a. Taking me 100 times longer than expected
b. Making my eyes hurt
c. Getting in the way of actually making jewelry - many ideas crowded in my brain waiting to get out!

Good news is that this afternoon I am cashing in a Mother's Day gift card at a tres chic day spa for a massage, facial and mani/pedi....aaaaahhhhhhhh.

So here are some afters and befores - would have loved to have put them side by side but my blogger skillz are lacking (plus see b above).  Any and all compliments gladly accepted :-)




  1. Lovin' the afters, but the befores weren't too shabby either. Getting decent photos of beads and jewelry is the most frustrating and time consuming part, and I DUN LIKES IT. The first thing I will do when I win the lottery is hire a photographer full time and build him/her a lil cottage out back to live it. ha.

  2. Huge difference! You must be doing something right. :)

  3. Great shots. Love the stick pearl and amber necklace, the after shot made all the difference.

  4. I love both afters and befores! I think you are good at pictures (seriously I know you've seen mine) Hey I want that hurricane glass maybe it will help my pics!



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