Hopefully you all are lucky enough to have a couple of them, you know, the kind of girlfriend that will babysit at a moments notice, will show up with a bottle of wine when you need to TALK, will divvy up meals on camping trips, and believes that the first order of business on any morning is brewing the coffee.  I am lucky to have two that live nearby - Amy and Kathleen.  Kathleen and I met via her brother when we were both assigned as Lieutenants to Yokota Air Base in Japan (yikes, in 1993).  I think the first thing we did after Kathleen stepped off the plane in Japan was go shopping, and we've been friends ever since.  Flash forward a couple years and Kathleen e-mailed me to say that a friend of hers, Amy,  had just arrived in Germany a year or so after we got there, and she liked wine and liked to cook so we should get together.  Funny thing was - Amy was already invited by a mutual friend to join our book club - and the meeting that month was AT MY HOUSE.  A lot has happened in the years we've know each other - husbands and kids and pets and many moves - but luckily we've all ended up in the DC area and get the chance to get our families together pretty often - like this camping trip we took about a year ago (Kathleen on left in first photo, Amy on right and peeking over my shoulder in second photo):

As you can imagine, and really I leave them no choice, they are the frequent receivers of my jewelry.  Last Christmas I sent them (and all other females I am related to) and e-mail saying, "You know you will be receiving jewelry, please tell me what colors you are interested in."  Amy said "brown."  Then not too long ago, she said that she needed something more brown but less gold than her Christmas present.  So I made two necklaces that she can choose from (or take both):

Kathleen is about to celebrate a milestone birthday (29th, naturally), so I asked her, "So what color would you like your birthday gift to be?" and because she is such a great girlfriend she replied without missing a beat, "I have a shirt with wooden buttons I need something to go with."  "Brown" and "Wood"...as you can see these are tough to please ladies :-).  Here is what I came up with, trying out using bright silver beading wire "bare" and using leather for the "chain."

Hmmmm...guess you can tell what beading style I have been into lately :-)  And you can't "leave" without seeing our brilliant offspring:

(left to right are Robert (K), Emma (E), Christian (A), Grant (K), Austin (A) and Michael (E)...Vance (K), the youngest and about 1 1/2 when this picture was taken, I think was asleep in Kathleen's arms :-))


  1. Elisabeth...so nice that your good friends live so close! I have two as well from my newlywed days in Monterey, CA that also live in the area. Unfortunately we haven't seen one another as much in the last year or two as our families seem to be busier than ever. :-(
    Your new necklaces are beautiful...I do see a theme, but I like it! :-) And I'm sure your girlfriend will too (when she celebrates her 29th b-day -wink,wink-).

  2. You are so lucky to have them so close! I have a friend who I haven't seen in 5 years but we are as close as close could be! In fact she was in my wedding! Last week when Michael and I celebrated our 20 Year anniversary on a train in Essex CT I received a text from her! She has never forgotten our anniversary! It is great to have special friends!


  3. I agree - gal pals are the best! So are sisters!


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