1.  A birthday party with 12 kids, mostly 8 year old boys, is LOUD! (but when your son says it was THE MOST AWESOME BIRTHDAY EVER it is 110% worth it)
2.  I gave Kathleen and Amy their necklaces and they loved them (yea!!)
3.  My adorable niece Caroline has revived some long forgotten baby skills (like typing with one hand while keeping a squirmy baby from unplugging the cords coming out of my laptop).
4.  It is so cool having an awesome sister-in-law that is Chinese and brings back beads from her recent trip home to Shanghai.  All crystals and seed beads - can't wait to dive into them!
5.  It's down to the last day to enter to win this stash of beady goodness...click here for the rules.

p.s. - I received the beads I won from Lynda at SCDiva yesterday and they are gorgeous!  Can't wait to play with them either!


  1. Sounds crazy and fun at the same time! I left something for you on my blog!


  2. Awesome times! I love family! Have a great day!


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