I am all about the challenge these days aren't I?  If you don't already follow it you should check out the Art Bead Scene Blog.  It's a great place to learn!  They also have a monthly challenge - based upon a chosen work of art.  The type of art work selected varies - May was Chagall, June was Toulous-Lautrec, and this month is Calder - you know - the mobile guy.  If you don't know modern art at all, you still probably recognize his work.  Here is the piece for this month's challenge, it's called Blue Feather:

This is my third entry in the ABS monthly challenge...and as with the last two challenges, I needed to find some cool art beads to be featured in my piece. I trolled Etsy and hit the jackpot with Alisha White Designs. I ordered a couple different sets from her (of course!), but decided that her topaz and black swirl hollow lampwork beads were exactly what I wanted to use. I decided that a bracelet using geometric black glass beads and SoftFlex black beading wire would highlight Alisha's cool beads and also be in keeping with the Calder piece. I needed a bit of blue - it's my favorite part of the Calder piece - so hunted around and found a string of blue apetite slices that I bought from Dakota Stones. I used a small piece of beading wire to loop it in with the clasp - also geometric in keeping with the inspiration piece.
You'll find the other entries for this month's challenge here.  Enjoy!

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