...but not for a jewelry design:

...but you gotta start somewhere, right?  In case you can't find my brilliant pantry discussion, it's at the bottom of the page in the middle.  The magazine is REAL SIMPLE and it is my life manual.  Cooking, organizing, fashion, and interesting articles by excellent writers.  But you don't need to be a trained chef, Martha Stewart, a top model or a brainiac to enjoy the contents of the magazine, and more importantly, their ideas are fresh and interesting and definitely not frumpy.  (As a 42 year old mother of 2, I aspire to be fresh and interesting, even though frumpy is infinitely easier to accomplish).

In this issue the editor, Kristin Van Ogtrop, wrote about cooking when she was a young grad student (75 ingredients and 5 hours to produce an entree) and cooking now, and finally realizing that a couple simple ingredients used well can produce equally tasty results - and who has time for the complicated recipe anyway?

What really resonated with me was how she said this:  "smart, sophisticated food is not about the number of ingredients or the hours involved; it's about finding great elements that work perfectly together."

This I am translating into the Beads for Busy Gals vision:  "Smart, sophisticated jewelry is not about the expense of the beads or the hours involved; it's about finding great elements that work perfectly together."  I'm not ashamed to plagiarize...slightly :-)

p.s. - Kristin has a great blog called Adventures in Chaos, you should check it out.


  1. Hey Elizabeth - congrats on being published! :-) You are such a witty writer, btw. You had me smiling the entire way through your post. I excel in the frumpy department as well...gotta work on that too. I love how you linked that tagline into jewelry lingo!

  2. Congratulations! I am another one of those frumpy writers! I enjoy your postings and your links, I have checked out Alisha White and Real Simple. Thanks again. Have a great, fresh and interesting day!

  3. Great philosophy! How great you got published in Real Simple! My mom reads that magazine!

  4. I love "real simple." it's an awesome publication and congrats!


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