This year is the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America. To celebrate, they had an enormous parade down Constitution Avenue here in Washington DC today.  Despite the SCORCHING HOT TEMPERATURES the kids had a great time, and how many times do you get to be in a parade?  Even Emma and I marched, taking pictures and bringing up the rear of our group just in case anyone had to drop out.  Here are pictures of my two favoritist guys in the world:

After the parade we were goofing around at some of the other Boy Scout activities when we noticed dark gray and evil looking clouds moving closer.  They quickly shut down the activities and we headed towards a Borders near the White House I had already scoped out for a good place to cool off and get a snack.  We just made it in the door before the downpour started, and made a beeline for the coffee shop to get some treats and drinks.  Turns out this particular Borders is closing, and everything was 30% off - yippee!

Restored with sweets, we all headed in different directions to peruse what was left on the shelves.  I headed straight to the periodicals (the one thing NOT on sale) to pick up all the latest bead mags, especially since I now see names of bead blogging buddies between the covers.  But I couldn't leave without finding the craft section of books to see what might be interesting.  I think I am mostly giving up on buying beading books  - the projects I see published in the magazines are far more up to date and exciting to look at - but you never know.  Between all the beading how-to books I did find two potential treasures: 

Craft Inc. - Turn Your Creative Hobby Into a Business

I am great at buying non-fiction books but horrible about finishing them, but both are relatively slim volumes and the first I have seen about the business of crafting, other than this awesome book:

If you haven't read it, and you are just getting started, you should check it out.  Viki Lareau is CEO and co-owner of The Bead Factory in Tacoma, WA and co-founder of the Puget Sound Bead Festivals.  I just did a quick Google hunt and couldn't find a blog, but here is the store's web site and a great article on the bead biz.

So I am hoping my two new purchases will be as worthwhile - after I read them I'll post my thoughts here - stay tuned!  Have a great week everyone!


  1. That was a deadly storm, heard it on the news last evening. Glad you and family found shelter in (the best place of all) a book store with a sale.

  2. I bet the parade was a memorable experience. We would have gone if were in the area....
    Thanks for the tips on the books...I don't have them so I'd be curious to know your thoughts after reading them! :-)

  3. I think I've read almost all the craft-to-business books there are, including some old ones. I always find something interesting out of each of them, even though I've been doing this full time (including the show circuit) for six years now.

  4. I have all three of those books and enjoyed all three. I think my favorite is The Handmade Marketplace. All of them give really helpful information.


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