It's been a whole 3 days or so, let's see where I am with the summer goals:

1. Figure out a better way to take pictures:  seems daytime on a cloudy day is the consensus - not sure if I can get there from here so need to do more research.  Until then you get to enjoy yellowish, shiney-ish late night pictures!

2. Figure out a way to store /display completed pieces:  next to my great wall of steel and beady goodness is about 14 inches of wall space.  I bought 5 key hook racks - a length of wood with 5 or 6 small hooks I'll hang (or actually, I hope to sweet talk my honey into hanging them) in a column.  It will be nice to see my "inventory" as I work on new stuff.  Plus, maybe I'll work through a couple at a shot (ha ha!!!) retaking pictures to spruce up my Etsy shop a bit.

3.  Act upon the couple ideas in my head:  made two necklaces that came out really nicely - working on a necklace for a friend that requested something "brown" - will post pictures of all shortly.

4. Emma Challenge:  she made her picks, above.  Two of the combos I think will come together relatively well, top one may not come together at all.  I have no timeline at all, so I'll let it rattle around in my head for a while and see what results.  I am thinking that I might have you all vote on which you like the best and then giveaway the winner.  Pondering that one too.

5. Projects for kids day camp:  I am shooting for an August 2nd class date, so this challenge could be ignored for at least another week!

Hope you all had a great weekend - we sure did.  We mostly fiddled around the house, took care of some long ignored chores, spent time at the pool, worked the cub scout car wash, you know, a VERY RELAXING weekend as always :-)  It might be crazy but I wouldn't want it any other way!  Have a great week!

P.S. - no idea how I moved all three pictures to the left side of the post - perhaps summer goal #6 should be to figure out how to manage pictures inside my posts??? 


  1. Looks like fun! As I seem to recall, you are relatively close by. We could do a challenge/swap if you are interested......would love to meet you. Another beady friend.

  2. Hey Elisabeth...sounds like a fun idea maybe in the Fall when the kids go back to school (or better yet, get together in the evening one weekend so I could come kid free!)...maybe we could all arrange to get together for, me, Jeanette, Courtney, Lori A., and anyone else in the area!
    You are so project-oriented, must be the military side of you. I sure wish I had an ounce of this organziation!

  3. I am a fellow beader and love being able to create things with my hands that others enjoy as well. Your ideas are great and will follow your blog after finding it tonite. I have a great idea for you in displaying your pieces..I had an empty towel bar-in my bathroom and starting hanging my pieces there. Keeps them organized, you don't have to take everything off the hooks to find the one piece you are looking for as they spread out nicely. Let me know if you'd like me to send a picture-Take care -Natalie


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