Well...what a beadalicious week! I've had a blast looking through 97 blogs (!!!) to see the results of the 2nd Bead Soup party sponsored by Lori at Pretty Things (click over to her blog to get the full list).

I was BLOWN AWAY by the amazing necklace my partner Megan made. She managed to make a large turquoise focal look delicate and feminine. Take a look:

Since the Bead Soup challenge was so much fun, I decided to try my hand at the June Art Bead Scene blog challenge. This month's challenge was based upon a painting by Toulouse-Lautrec and shows a lady in a sassy outfit dancing. I don't have a ready stash of art beads, and wasn't sure if I would participate this month, but decided to see one night what kind of treasures I could find on Etsy. Man, I hit the mother lode with some pink swirly handmade glass beads from Jerri's Glass Art Beads. They couldn't be more perfect. So this morning I sat down with Jerri's beads and some olive crystals that matched the colors in the painting perfectly (loving summer Saturday mornings when the biggest thing on the agenda is pancakes and heading to the pool in the afternoon). Looking through my stash I found some copper beads, copper chain, 2 copper 3 to 1 connectors and some more green beads that I think are jade. Once all of those were on the table the necklace came together pretty quickly. I decided after it was assembled to double the chain strand because other wise it got a little lost among the other two strands. Emma, my daughter and frequent opinion giver on my designs, agreed.

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As I was finishing up Emma was getting a tad impatient to head to the pool, and I have been wanting to get together a 4th of July piece to give away, so I gave her the beads I wanted to use and some beading wire and let her decide on the pattern. Came out really nice, says the unbiased mother. What do you think? It includes blue glass beads, white stick pearls, and red coral slices.

Here is how to win:

1. Become a follower of my blog and leave a comment; if you are already a follower please leave a comment as well.

2. Post a link to this give away on your blog and get 5 more chances to win; leave a comment to let me know.

3. Winner will be selected by random drawing on the 4th of July - I'll e-mail you to get your address. International participants are welcome!


  1. Wow those ruffle discs were made for your design! Your necklace is just perfect for the challenge. Good luck!!

  2. This is a perfect bracelet for 4th of July...very patriotic :) I am already a follower! I'll try to blog about your giveaway and leave another comment when I do. Oh, nad your ABS jewelry is perfect with the pink ruffle and green beads! Thanks for the great giveaway!!


  3. Those are perfect beads for that inspiration painting. I wish that I had the time to enter this month. I will be back to participate again some time.
    Enjoy the day!

  4. I love the idea of inspiration from a painting! You did a great job!

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