Today is a BANNER DAY for Beads for Busy Gals - my first real Etsy sale! You never know where a sale will come from - I posted on Facebook that I had started a blog - why I chose Friday I am not sure - been blogging for a few weeks - and one of my friends from church commented back that she liked the blog and wanted to buy a necklace. So I must give a shout out to you, Sarah, indefatigable leader of St John's Sunday School, all around snappy dresser and now, much appreciated Beads for Busy Gals customer.

I've been having a great time seeing all of the Bead Soup results. You really should check it out - very inspiring! Click on Lori Anderson's Pretty Things blog to get the daily list of blogs to check out. Today I LOVED Jen Judd Rocks and La Bella Joya...simply amazing!

Here are some hints of project that I made out of my Bead Soup stash - I worked for a couple weeks on one necklace and in a fit of creativity (and a quiet afternoon spent inside out of the blistering heat) used all of the rest of my stash yesterday afternoon on 2 additional necklaces and a bracelet. Can't wait to show you on Thursday, but until then...


  1. Congratulations!!!!! I'm so thrilled for you!!! Hope you're having fun doing the blog hop...isn't it amazing how many like-minded souls there are out here with us? haaaaaaa

  2. Congrats on your first Etsy sales!!! I feels so good, doesn't it? Such a nice validation of our wonderful craft. :-)

  3. Oops, sorry about the typo! I was just telling my 9 year old son how I got the typing award back in the 9th grade... :-0


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