I was a super, super lucky winner of one of the ArtElements September Components of the Month.  It's a lamp work glass ZOM-BEE from Laney Mead.  She makes such fun beads (find her shop here) and I love, love, love the green of these beads.

I didn't want the ZOM-BEE to get lost in the design, plus I wanted it's cute face to show, so first I started by making a link with copper and black wire. The coiled black wire helps to keep it from spinning on the link (mostly :-)).

I was pleased with how it came out, and thought I would add a chain and call it good, but that seemed  too easy. I tend to like things simple, but the ZOM-BEE needed more. I hunted around in my far-too-large-to-admit bead stash, poked around here and there. I was actually looking for good beads to string the rest of the necklace with, and found a black metal focal I am 99% sure I snagged from the clearance rack at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. 

I mean, where else would a ZOM-BEE fly to, other than towards a black flower? 

It was perfect. It only had one hole, so I added another one and made them both big enough for wire.  

I was in the mood for wire wrapping links, and definitely love green and copper together, but needed to add a bit more of the mysterious black to it. I combined Czech glass from Nirvana Beads and black O rings from My Elements, and it all came together.

See all the ZOMBEES here:

My Fellow Guest Contributor Linda

Art Element Team:


  1. I LOVE how this has turned out it is perfect, that black flower is just the right colour to set off the green of the Zombee and those little links are fabulous :D thank you so much for taking part Elisabeth :D

  2. Very cute...the colors really go together!

  3. A lovely design Elisabeth, I love how you used the O rings very creative!

  4. Gorgeous design. I love that you used a black flower... it's perfect!

  5. The link is clever! I like that it sets off the zombee and prevents it (mostly) from spinning around. Lovely work!

    Thanks for participating in the design challenge and for reading AE!

  6. The spiral is a great idea to show off the zombee! Great job, thanks for joining us!

  7. Clever design! Love the use of the o-rings and that black floral focal works great.

  8. Hi Elisabeth! I think that is perfect! The colors, the czech glass. The black flower is the ideal lunch for a Zom-bee!

  9. Absolutely LOVE your piece! So cute, so creative to wrap him in place and of course...a black flower! Brilliant!


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