This last weekend I got to take an amazing class with Julie Couch.  My wonderful husband gave me the class as a Christmas gift (perhaps it was all the links I sent him??)

Julie. Is. Amazing.  And an extremely generous teacher.  And somehow she teaches in a way that clicks with me.  The class is all about hollow glass beads, which is my holy grail, the beads I most want to make.  She showed us a technique using stainless steel tubes, a rubber tube attachment, and tongs covered with fireproof material.  The glass was at The Glass Resort in Frederick, Maryland, and Tracey, who manages it, was a wonderful hostess. The set up there was really great:

Here is what I made during class:

And here is what I made on my own at home.  It's always hard to replicate what you learned on your home set up, and I am really happy with how these came out :-)

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  1. Wow! Those are really gorgeous! What a fabulous gift. It'll keep on giving. . .so long as you keep on making :)


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