Soooo...there is a longish list of places in my house that need some straightening and decluttering, and I decided to start in my studio.  Of course - that's more fun than any other place that needs cleaning :-).  Then I remembered the Heather's Muffin Tin Challenge, and it seemed like a great way to collect up some works-in-progress and give myself a deadline to make some progress.  Of course I had this great idea yesterday, and pictures of my projects should be posted by midnight, tonight (that's 21 minutes from now) so this post will be long on pictures, and short on words!

(You can go HERE to see the other entries)

So here is where I started yesterday morning.  There are more than 6 projects in this tin - the lower left is a collection of repair jobs, so I started there.  First, I replaced the string and clasp on my son's necklace.  It's hard to see due to his dynamite smile and his t-shirt, but it's a simple silver shovel charm (find it on Etsy here).  I bought it for him and he wears it all the time as a reminder to dig deeper and ask questions as he makes his way through high school.

He had a beaded necklace I made a couple years ago that needed a new clasp.  He wanted something simpler (he's 14 now) so we went with this.

This is a very simple and therefore go-with-anything pair of earrings, and of course I lost one.  Luckily I had the parts to make another one, plus I changed the ear wires to something more secure.

Next I tackled an idea that's been kicking around in my head for a while.  I have some metal thread bobbins that I  bought for my sewing machine that aren't the right ones to use. They have holes along both sides, and I had an idea to thread (ha ha!) between them to make a more interesting bead.  I thought initially of seed beads but during my studio clean up, found some beautiful hand dyed ribbon and some beading needles that would work for the ribbon too.

I instantly loved how they looked with the ribbon!

Here's the finished piece - I just used some simple large hole glass beads and more of the ribbon.

During my clean up I also found the crazy large, steam-punky bead and some gear spacers, so even though it didn't start in my tin, I had to put it together.  The focal bead is hollow so it will be very comfortable to wear.

This necklace I started probably a couple years ago and got tripped up because stringing through the holes in the large blue rose made the bead "tippy" and it wouldn't lay flat.  I dug out a bail, and some very strong glue, and fixed my problem.  Then finished the rest of the necklace.  Of course I put the clasp on before trying it on, and it was chocker length.  I'm generally not a fan of wearing a necklace so snugly, so I added the extender.

I don't know here I got this lovely dragon fly pendant, but it's in one of my favorite colors - celadon green.  At a recent bead show I bought the celadon crystals (like in a dollar-a-string bin) and they matched perfectly!

This focal I made a while ago - it's lamp work glass.  I put all the other beads with it (also a while ago), but never put it together...until today :-)  

And finally, this necklace was 80% complete, I just needed to finish stringing the seed beads and add the clasp.  The focal is another lamp work glass bead I made.



  1. You're so lucky to have a son who wears necklaces at this age and you can make something for him! How inventive is that ribbon and bobbin necklace! I admire how diverse are your designs - the dragonfly necklace and the last one with the beautiful lamp work bead are my favorites!

  2. Great job! That's a lot of finished projects. The bobbin beads are so fun and clever. Thanks for playing along.

  3. I love the bobbin beads that you made. What great fun! I also liked the necklace with the ceramic focal that you made. Well done!

  4. Fun and pretty pieces! I think the dragonfly necklace is my favorite. :)

  5. Many fun pieces in your challenge items. Love the little bobbin beads. Very creative.

  6. Wow love that pretty rose necklace!
    Christine x

  7. You really did knock these out! Your son looks happy to have his necklace back. As for the rest. . .I love the way you used the bobbins, so original! And, I love that last necklace. The layers and colors are so fab. Great job getting it all done in time. I think that's what impresses me the most.

  8. I'm impressed that you got so much done so quickly! Go you!! I'm intrigued by what you did with the bobbin beads. My favorite has to be the dragon fly necklace... how lucky that you bought just the perfect strand of beads!


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