As is often the case, other creative activities have been on the agenda instead of jewelry and bead making.  We have a couple home projects that we've completed plus spent all day yesterday cleaning out our garage, which feels good to have done!

This is our kids bathroom - it's hard to tell in the pictures but that vanity was in bad shape and the faucet leaked - and I am pretty sure it is original to the house.  Also, without my permission, my kids have gotten older, so were ready for a more grown up space.

In the process of installing the new vanity, removing a replacing the mirror and then painting became "necessary," but I'm glad we did.

Along with growing up the kids bathroom, we wanted to grow up my son's room - this picture is after new paint, carpet and blinds, and a new desk (and my husband getting up the computer). After we got it all done, I decided I wanted to paint the dresser so it wouldn't stick out too much.  

I didn't want to go with black - all the other new furniture was that color - so I picked a darker shade of the wall color and got some fun knobs - I am happy with how it came out.

Part of the room re-do was moving the computer from the common area of the house into his room.  It breaks a rule I had about TVs and computers in kids rooms, but he uses it every day for school and it was time to recognize his growing maturity :-) 

So the old computer desk needed a new purpose - and I thought a real bar would be cool.  My husband and I aren't ones to drink a lot of mixed drinks, but once in a while it's fun.  I decided to use the same paint, but leave the legs brown to keep it interesting.

What should be on the bar is still a work in progress, but I did find a cool bird cage wine rack at Pier One for $4, some great stemless martinis glasses for $1.50 each, and some pretty decanters at the Crate & Barrel Outlet for about $30 each.  

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