We are getting ready to visit some dear friends - so of course I wanted to make some baubles to take as gifts.  A while ago I bought a unique focal from the lovely Erin at Treasures Found.  As often happens, I ended up using what was collected around my beading area - in this case, a set of 6 lavender beads that I made. They are creamy opaque encased in clear - a favorite combo of mine :-)

We have made many, many trips with these dear friends, from Italy to Portland, so don't you think the quote on the back is perfect?

I am not sure what their girl will like, but went with the traditional pink and lace.  Could be girly, could be hip vintage-y, so we'll see how it goes over :-)

And in the process of creating and cleaning up a bit, I finally unwrapped some new glass I bought thanks to an awesome gift certificate from my wonderful Aunt Suzanne...so I am looking forward to coming home again to play!


  1. I love the triangle necklace its beautiful!

    Claire xo
    Beads Jar UK

  2. Such a lovely design! I envy your ability to make beads in any color for any project. These are just perfect. And it always thrills me to see my pieces all grown up and ready for prime time! Thank you for sharing. Enjoy the day! Erin


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