I feel like I have been in a bit of a rut creatively, and my inventory of craft fair merchandise is gathering dust.  This necklace has always been a favorite - love the green and turquoise color combo - but has never sold (obvs) and is chunkier than I might wear myself.  So the other day I cut it apart and pondered what I could do to update the look a bit.  I like the green of the crystals but maybe not so many, I loved the focal, but the beautiful turquoise of the lap work disks is a little lost when strung like above. Put all those ideas, some hemp twine, some leather, and an experiment in wire wrapping leather and you get this:

There were leftover beads, so I tried to use hemp and the remaining two glass disks to make matching earrings.  I wanted to be able to wear this set in other than beach locations, so I ditched the hemp twine and wire wrapped the earrings in a favorite, single-piece-of-wire technique:


  1. I love that new version so much! great job!

  2. Love the "do over"! Looks great!!

  3. Love the 'do-over'! So more wearable now. And I love those earrings!


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