I like things neat and orderly, which is completely opposite to a couple of things: my colorful, creative side, my house that holds 3 other humans that whirl in and out and require my love and attention and a new job where I get to pick out my own clothes.  All things I am grateful for, but that means to top of my dresser holds a pile of tangled jewelry, some fine and some my own creations, that was getting too hard to sort through as I got ready in the morning.  I was starting to worry that I was losing things.

What to do?

I resorted to one of my favorite storage solution purveyors, The Container Store.  They have many options, but this is what caught my eye - the Expandable Jewelscope Jewelry Tree by Umbra.

I piled everything on the kitchen island, and with the help of my fab husband, untangled everything into this:

It's even kind of organized by color...happy sigh!

To make the earring storage - go to my post here.

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