New job, heavy volunteer effort (what was I thinking??), Christmas around the my bright idea was to get involved in a couple artsy challenges.  Crazy?  Actually the challenges are exactly what I need to keep from going completely nuts.  Heather of Humblebeads actually has a great post about it.

Speaking of Heather - I have bought the beads to complete the challenge that she and Lorelei issued using this palate and these beads from Michaels.  The beads are sitting on my desk waiting for inspiration and a spare moment.  Come back December 18th to see what I came up with.

The second challenge I am participating in is Sally's Ornament Hop. My partner is Melissa Trudinger and I got the box of goodies from her today - all the way from Australia.  I can't wait to show you.  I am super excited about what I made too - especially because I didn't buy anything new.  I used all stuff I already had in my craft room.  That is either clever on my part or a sad statement on my hoarding tendencies :-)  Come back on December 20th to see what we made!

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  1. I thought about taking the Michaels challenge. I really did. But my nearest Michaels store is a 6-7 hour round trip. Not going to happen. It's winter. We got 40 cm of snow today. But I love these beads and look forward to checking out what you make, Elizabeth :)


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