Whew - the last two weeks have blown past me. I was having one of those moments this weekend where I felt a tad overwhelmed and out of sorts.  So I made myself sit down and clean my desk, which usually leads to cleaning out my work bag and my wallet too.  In the picture you can see the very full trashcan :-).  So while it didn't shorten the list of blog posts I need to write, it does feel enormously better.

So let's get to the blog catch up.  For the first Focus on Life post of November, we got the fun prompt of posting something of the extraordinary every day.  I have two.  The first is a picture I took today of this pretty yellow tree around the corner from our house.  I love when the fallen leaves form a "shadow" under the tree.

This picture I took on Veteran's Day - my husband and I took a bike ride to Arlington Cemetery, then downtown, and then back across the 14th Street Bridge towards home.  The sun, fall leaves, and Washington Monument couldn't have been more nicely arranged for me.  I was lucky enough to look up at the right moment and screech to a halt to grab my camera!

Then last week Sally started using all "ful" words - the first being grateful. That's easy. I am grateful for these two.  When I'm not looking they appear to really like each other :-)

And this last weekend the word was faithful.  I know I've posted quite a bit about Emma's soccer team.  This group of girls has been together for a few years, and are committed to staying together even as they scatter to high school teams.  We've played some pretty cold games this fall, and they really pull together -- I love to see the faith they have in each other.

You can see other signs of faithfulness here:


  1. All great photos! Fall is my favorite season but it was very short here. I'm jealous that you get to see the wonderful monuments any time you wish. Our family DC trip a few years ago was our favorite and I would really like to go back and see more.

  2. Oh, the monument photo is just perfect..like postcard perfect!!! I think the fallen leaves are just as beautiful as they are on the tree.


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