Good morning all - a quick post as I am going to a part time job today - and it has to do with jewelry - so I am excited to see how it goes.  I am a reluctant job seeker right now so I like the idea of trying out new things.  To that end, not much has been going on in my own studio, with one exception.  I had been using a coffee can for mandrels, carefully placing them in kind of a reverse pick-up-sticks game while the bead release dried.  So finally I got out an unused piece of wood, did manly sawing and drilling, and made myself a mandrel holder:

The other thing going on in my studio is this:

I have been helping out with band uniforms at my daughter's school and am hemming a couple concert dresses.  I am, as ever, thankful that my extraordinary mother and grandmother taught me how to sew and use a sewing machine!

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