Does it count as crushing when some of the things have been on your list for many months?  I am giving myself credit regardless of the amount of time :-)  Here is what I got finished today...

This used to be a bracelet with a couple puffy silver beads (like the one I attached to the clasp), and the owner wanted a necklace with no puffy silver beads.  The extra red beads I bought for a different project and ultimately didn't use, but per the law of bead karma, I found a better use for them.

My friend bought this necklace in Hawaii (I think) and it was strung on (gasp!) white cotton thread, and not surprisingly, parts of it had already broken.  I restrung it on beading wire and used a couple of the extras and a Swarovski pearl to make a matching bracelet.  

This is the project that I think I've had for over a year - and it was such an easy fix - the clasp had broken.  It's a anklet that belongs to my Mom.  She just had some heart troubles, so I think the hematite and healing bear need to be back around her ankle ASAP.

I also took a link out of each of a pair of earrings for yet another friend.  I didn't get a picture of the original earrings, but here are the earrings I unselfishly made for myself with the unused links.

Yesterday I made an entry in the Art Bead Scene monthly challenge.  I haven't done their challenge in AGES and I can't wait to tell you about it... tomorrow :-)


  1. Good for you crushing the to-do list! I have done house chores but nothing as far as jewelry. Your earrings for the ABS challenge are beautiful!

  2. Way to rock the share buttons!


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