I am a bit late posting for this week's Focus on Life topic of silliness. Craaaaaazzzzy weekend, Michael was in a show Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, and Emma refed two soccer games and played two basketball games Saturday and played her end of season soccer game this morning.  By the time we got to Silver Diner today for some much needed post-game waffles and bacon we "might" have been a little cranky.  Amazing what bacon and a really large cup of coffee can do for you (or for a Michael, a Shirley Temple (he's a connoisseur...no really)).  One person who is hardly ever cranky is Michael.  I handed him my phone and said, "I need some silly pictures" and he went to town.  Love him.  So here are our contributions to silliness this week:

See other silliness here:


  1. Hahaha! He took excellent silly pictures!

  2. What a hoot!! Great that her has that silliness side to him!!


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