I can't believe it's been four weeks since I've posted for Focus on Life.  In fact it's been 4 weeks since I've posted anything at all.  The normally chaotic schedule of the Auld Family has been dialed up high this summer.  Lots of fun and interesting things (Disney, camps, a fun trip out west), and some great new projects in our house (new studio, new laundry and a bathroom refresh), but tie that up with summer swim team and two full time jobs, and it's been a bit overwhelming.  Thank goodness we don't go back to school until after Labor Day - I need these dog days of summer to recharge :-).  So without further ado, here are my catch up pictures...

Focus on Life 30 - Catch the Sun
(Emma in Tucson)

Focus on Life 31 - Hues of Blue
(Blue Bay Esmerelda Resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico)

Focus on Life 32 - From Where I Stand
(On the beach in Playa Del Carmen - wish I was still there!)

Focus on Life 33 - In Season
(Last night and today was Michael's belated birthday party/sleep over.  
What's in season at our house is water balloons!)

And in other news...the studio is complete!  I used the panorama function on my phone to show you two sides of the room.  This project turned out so well and I am excited to get moved in and get to creating!  What you can't see in the cabinets above my torch is a built in exhaust fan that is ducted outside. Pretty and functional! Behind Emma is a door to the outside that has a large glass pane in it - it brings in so much more natural light.

While I was taking pictures, I noticed that the tile we picked is just about the same shade as Layla. And she loves the cool tile on her tummy!

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  1. It all looks wonderful and like summer was awesome. :)

  2. Love your catch-up! Your new space looks great.

  3. Looks like you have been busy this summer.

  4. Wow - you have had one busy summer - but it looks like it was fun packed! Love the balloon shot - awesome. The studio looks fantastic,...but Layla is just the cutest!!

  5. ok first ..... the way your dog is sitting just made me giggle! what a cutie! and I can't believe that is your studio - wow! such a great space! and great job on the catch up for the weeks you missed :)


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