I have a show on Sunday, and I need to start getting my you know what together :-)  That should mean making a bunch of new stuff and taking a look at how my inventory looks.  Instead, I am focused on one thing that bugs me - a good way to show my Beads for Busy Gals banner.  It turns out I have a killer corner location near the front for this show  - and I don't want to waste the chance to tell people who I am!  As you can see in this picture from last September - it hangs kind of limply and curls at the corner.


My idea was to find the kind of frame that a painter would use the stretch canvas on, and instead stretch my banner across it.  Michael's had exactly what I wanted - in the exact size I needed.  I also found cool frame hardware to make it easy to hang.

Didn't it come out great?  Here's hoping it's not too windy Sunday!

I do have some new stuff cooking.  Need to finish these up soon, huh?

If you live near DC - come out and see me!


  1. Your banner looks great!! Nice and very readable. Congrats on the corner location - you will rock this weekend!

  2. Great idea! thanks for sharing. Best of luck at your show :-D


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