My "studio" - there are no words, and I can't even claim that this state is unusual.  I can say that when your job is to keep everyone else in order, sometimes there isn't energy to get to my own spaces.  The good news is that we meet Monday with the construction company we are hiring to do work in our basement.  The end result should be an updated family room, a new laundry room, and a full time lamp working space for me.  So this desk will return to being a desk, and all the jewelry making will move downstairs (soooooooooo excited!) 

I spent some time tonight getting my display together.  This is where karma comes in.  My friend Kacie's church is having a fashion show and she recommend me as a vendor.  Yippee!  It was good to dust everything off.  I was afraid that I needed to make a bunch jewelry, but I easily filled the table.  Since it's a ladies luncheon/fashion show deal, I decided to pull out some spring-y plates and serving pieces for my display.

My Mom gave me the really cool bust for my birthday last year and I would love to use it.  The only problem is that it needs to hang.  Does it look okay on the corner of my earring display?

I bought this small book case at Target and it makes a great display.  I might gin up a couple more leather cord necklaces for Saturday - I sell them for $5 and they do well.

Check out my bunny plate - isn't it cute?  

Cake plates and an asparagus pitcher (did she just say asparagus?  Yes.)

Another way karma paid me back?  I won a bunch of enamel today - just for registering early for ArtBLISS.  Have you heard of ArtBLISS?  Totally. Awesome. (and driving distance from my house!)
I am taking a lampworking class from Kerry Bogert.  SO. EXCITED. Come join me!


  1. Looks wonderful! So excited for you and the build out. :)

  2. Cool wall beads collection. How did you make that?

  3. Cool wall beads collection. How did you make that?


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