Every February or so we head up to one of our favorite spots in the world - Smuggler's Notch, Vermont. This winter will mark our ninth trip.  We always arrive frazzled and stressed, and leave relaxed and wondering how we can ditch our city life for winters spent in the mountains. Looking through my pictures from last year makes me all the more excited that the next trip is right around the corner.  Here's hoping that it will snow frequently between now and then :-)

See other macro greatness here:
studio waterstone

P.S. - Thanks to all who have wandered over to my daughters new blog, Emma's Photo Blog, and have left comments - she is thrilled!


  1. I can 'hear' the sound of the snow crunching under my feet! I miss the seasons here in Florida... My husband is from Vermont and often mentions 'Smugglers' Notch'!! :)

  2. I am not much of a snow fan,...except for once a year when we venture to my sis's cabin for New Year's (or possibly if it snows while we're up there at Thanksgiving) but you make it look heavenly!!

  3. so beautiful!!! I hope you will join me and many others by participating in the gratitude quilt this year... there is info about what this project is and how to be part of it at the top of my blog.

  4. Love the light reflecting of the snow making it sparkle.


  5. I love the snow! Here's to a wintery winter here. :)

  6. No.......no snow for me [guess that's why I live way south]. Tho your images are pretty, from a nice cozy and warm room.

    Hope to see you stop by and pay a visit sometime soon. Have a glorious week ahead.


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