1.  Gather your favorite people (and a saw)

2.  Find a great tree farm (in our case, Moose Apple Christmas Tree Farm)

3.  Search and search until you find the right one

4.  Gently saw at the trunk

5.  Tie it to the roof of your car, drive home, feed and walk dog, find all the decorations, lights, and tree stand, trim it to fit in the stand, agonize about overzealous trimming of lower branches, install lights, realize that you have less lights than you thought because you threw some lights away last year because of some reason you can't remember, trim more branches to fit santa on top, untangle hooks, keep family focused on hanging all the decorations, fix dinner, task kids to build lighted village under tree, vacuum stray needles and branches in carpet...and...compete!


  1. Your tree is beautiful! I love the snow village all lit up. We haven't had a real tree since we discovered our son had asthma at age two. He's now away at college and I've been wanting to get a real tree this year for our living room, and maybe a small one to set on a parlor table in the foyer. I'm not holding my breath as my husband really dislikes decorating for Christmas.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely photos!

  2. I have an artificial tree that I have been working on setting up and decorating for the past 3 days now...just do not have the momentum. Can I hire you?! Your tree is beautiful, but what is really special is thatnit was made into a "family event".


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