It's been a while since I've posted for Bead Table Wednesday...and I actually have some jewelry related projects goin' on.  During my last craft fair, I got invited to a wine tasting fundraiser supporting the Fairfax Humane Society that I am very excited about...

So that gave me an excuse to order some fabulous lamp work cats from Teri Pershing.  The beads are unique, each cat is named and have a personality, and Teri is a super speedy seller.  So I sat down to make some things with the cats and made this fanciful design with "Emir."

But of course I then got distracted :-) and decided I had to make a set of earrings that I have been thinking about for a while.  This is how a lot of my designs come about - they are imagined during my commute to and from work or during some not so, ahem, interesting meetings.  These handmade faux ivory square buttons are from Laurel Steven.  You really should check out her shop - her work is incredible!  The earrings look substantial but are as light as air, and the light turquoise glass drops match a sweater I bought this summer PERFECTLY.  My need to have everything symmetrical is concerned that by turning the buttons sideways they will look off-center and do not hang straight, but they actually stay pretty straight :-) 

Then I decided to try out a design I have been thinking about for a handful of coveted Kerry Bogert lampwork beads I bought at last years ArtBliss.  My design is really a riff on Kerry's work in Totally Twisted, and I like how it's coming out.  I think I will string the cobalt blue glass beads in the background to complete the necklace.

Enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. Aww, those cats are darling! What a great idea.

    I love your piece inspired by Kerry's book. I have her book but have not made a thing from it. I need to buy some colored wire and just do it!

  2. Fantastic wirework!!! I love Kerry's book and I refer to it often for inspiration! Thanks for the link for the lampwork kitties!

  3. Great cat beads, you have inspired me to hop on over and buy one. Cute disc necklace!I think it would look great on thin colbolt leather too ( If they make such a thing!)


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