Today/Saturday I showed my jewelry at a craft fair held at a nearby church, St James Episcopalian.  The weather was incredible, cool and breezy changing to sunny in the afternoon, the fair was very well organized, and the kids and I had a great time hanging out.  The best part though was when a truck with a livestock trailer pulled up as we were setting up.  We assumed pony rides, but when we glanced over again, we spied...alpacas! The nice folks at Hermes Alpaca Farm had brought along four furry friends as an informal petting zoo while they sold yarn and the softest socks and scarves I've ever touched.  These alpacas didn't bleat or moo, but rather made this distressed sounding moan/sigh that we decided sounded like what a baby Chewbaca would sound like.  Clearly we were enchanted and fascinated with these sweet soft animals.

See more macro goodness here:

studio waterstone


  1. Ohhhh! So cute. Hope the show was good.

  2. So gorgeous.. Just want to hug it! Love their big eyes and woolly head!

  3. adorable. i'd love to see alpacas!

  4. How stinkin' cute!!!! Babies too! That would have certainly been the highlight of my day!


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