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Some people love the start of September (Moms?) and some people dislike the start of September (school age kids?).   For our family, the arrival of September is a good thing, because I think the summer fun has taken a toll, or at least, a toll on the housekeeping...

(here are four backpacks, all mine, and a hidden purse thrown towards my closet)

(this looks like a place where you might find a laptop - the parachute cord is out for fort building)

(there's the laptop - under the nightstand)

(ugh, laundry - believe it or not I think this is all clean)

Clearly I am delusional that the start of school, soccer season, winter swim and scouts will lead to a cleaner house.  To quote my friend Jen, hahahahahahahahahahaha!  Did I mention I signed up for a craft fair on the 15th?  Have a great week everyone!

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  1. I understand completely and have sympathy for you on the housekeeping issue during the summer - I cleaned this weekend while my hubby and son were camping. Yep, stayed that way till they walked back through the door! LOL!! :-)


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