I needed to sneak out and order a birthday cake for my Mom a couple days ago ("Having you here is birthday party enough" was not going to fly with her kids :-)) so Emma and I said we needed (NEEDED) to pay a visit to my favorite Tucson bead store, A Bead Carnival, to check out their wears and get some of my favorite stringing wire (Betsy Beader).  Here is a look at what I bought!

The silver ones in front are vintage lucite - the cubes are big but super light - I am picturing some architectural/geometric earrings. The blue ones are matte glass ($4 a strand on sale) and the white disks are white howlite.  And I had to get more red velvet crystals - love them.

I splurged on these - vintage glass in a bright matte orange.  Apparently what you need to get me to buy beads is say, "vintage."

It's an unusually rainy day here in Tucson (that's why I am goofing around on my lap top) - but even when raining it's beautiful :-)


  1. That orange lucite is calling to me

  2. Hi Elisabeth,
    Those are beautiful beads. Have fun creating beautiful pieces with them. Is that a picture from out side of your home? It is beautiful I would not mind at all looking out onto that everyday.


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