Ah, the heady ambition a new idea sparks...that then meets with everything else that crowds your schedule and your life. All good things I remind myself but it's crowded none-the-less.  So I had planned a blog hop today that didn't work out using this awesome book as inspiration...

Two awesome folks WERE ready....
The incredible Jeannie of JKD Jewelry - way to go Jeannie!  Her bird house is INCREDIBLE.
The awesome Hope of Crafty Hope - way to go Hope!  Her journal is AMAZING.
Sandi at Sandi Volpe Handcrafted Jewelry is all about the numbers - way to go Sandi! Go check her OUT.
 You must go see them!  

So come on back on September 8th - that's our new date - and maybe the rest of us will have something cool to share.  So far I am being inspired by Mod Podge - I must be the last crafter in the world who hasn't used it!

....this is what it looks like with washi paper and a Crystal Light container...

The cover of my Crafter's Devotional journal also go a treatment...

See you September 8th!

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  1. Goodness, I'm such a doofus. I thought you had cancelled the hopping altogether so I took down my post. It's been a crazy weekend, so I JUST got a chance to come over here and see that you had this up. GAH!! My post is now BACK up. I apologize for not understanding.


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