Tonight I made myself sit down and do SOMETHING at my bead table.  Since I've been home this last week with my mending foot I have logged an embarrassing number of hours on my lap top and watching TV.  But...sometimes there are good ideas to be found there.  One was an idea pinned to Pinterest for a celtic heart knot.  I tried a couple different materials (and was unwilling to dig out the colorful parachute cord in the bottom bin under my desk that might have been easier to work with) and was able to get it to work with black suede.  It can most charitably be called "heart-ish."  

The tails left over weren't quite long enough to make a necklace but the fun knot needed to be played with....

Then some of the scraps formed a loop on my table, and I spied a pair of glass and steel wire head pins that I made a few months ago and wired to some cane glass thinking they would make nice earrings. Other than the fact that they were a bit weighty for now they are part of a necklace.  It's hard to see in the picture but the "chain" is made of black Miyuki square seed beads with a couple standard shape green seed beads interspersed evenly, because that's how I roll :-)

Also on my table were a pair of beautiful enameled rondelles I won from Sue Beads.  The color is so beautiful I really didn't want to mess too much.  I used SoftFlex wire in a patina green that I think brings out the greens from the beads.  It sounds like I put a lot of thought into it, but my table is messy, and I had just picked up the wire to clear a small work space and the right brain sparks sparked.


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