It feels like a hurricane and a half has blown through here, because, one kinda has. Depite all the storms in the East that knocked out power and blew down trees, we miraculously survived intact.  We did host a slumber party for my brother and his extended family because they lost power for a couple nights - but that ended up being pretty fun.  Behind it is some super hot and humid weather which requires some cool thoughts.  Here are some shots of cool jellyfish from our Memorial Day trip to the National Aquarium in Baltimore to help get you there.  I just loved the colors! The first picture is of the incredibly Chihuly-like entrance to the Jelly Fish exhibit.

What made the day really great is that my traveling companions were my two favoritist kids :-)


  1. Pictures are beyond cool!!! Sounds like you made lemonade from lemons. Yes, this past week is the one time I'm glad I no longer live in Virginia. Been through those power outages and they get old REAL quick.

  2. OMG LOVE The Aquarium is one of my FAVROITE places!!! Love that entrance!


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