(Thanks for the inspirations Fire Mountain Gems)

I have posted a couple times about the privilege I have of designing and making jewelry for my friend April's wedding - both for her and her five bridesmaids.  April is incredibly patient - her wedding is a mere couple weeks away and I am still working on things.  Just last night I figured out there are FIVE bridesmaids, not four. Sometimes I am such a twit.  I don't want to share until it's all done - until then - this is where you will find me (note the creativity-inducing beverage).

By the way - I asked the Bead Babes where to order a boat load of Swarovski and they said Blue Mud Beads - they were great!


  1. Can't wait to see what you make!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Elisabeth,
    Oh I love lots of bling so I am looking forward to seeing the beautiful jewelry you created for April's wedding.

  3. There is no better place to be than sitting at a table full of beads! I am sure that by all your notes, there will be beautiful jewelry in that wedding! I love browsing through the fire mountain gems for inspiration as well. Such a compliment to be trusted to make jewelry for a wedding. I am excited to see your finished products!


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