Dear friends, readers and beloved commenters (perhaps you should get a beverage before you begin reading)...

I have so much on my plate right now, it's easy to have a little pity party.  Saw all the great times at Bead Fest, sigh, I couldn't make it work this time.  My dear husband is in Dallas for a few weeks of training.  I had to coordinate with, get this, 4 different Moms to get my children (and theirs) to the following between now and Sunday: 2 soccer practices and 2 games (one game is over an hour drive away); 1 rehearsal and 3 performances (Tom Sawyer, The Musical) (and work vending for one performance); one performance at the ensemble festival and one church choir performance.  We'll completely miss one Pack meeting and one Den hike and one class trip to Richmond.  I decided to take on a small DIY project while my husband is away and alas, it is far, far more time consuming than I thought.  (Deciding to tackle a DIY project when stressed is kind of a trend.  I kid you not, I recovered the dining room chairs on the eve of my departure for Iraq.)  I have a couple beading deadlines, mostly self imposed, but THEY ARE THERE.  And here is my favorite - the Doc at Orthopedics told me, "Yep, you need to see a specialist."  Really?  That's only what I screamed to the folks on the other end of the referral line when they set me up with yet another appointment with yet another "general" orthopedics guy.

Ugh, what a whiney so and so.  It's times like this when I kick myself in the pants and count my blessings.  Like:

1.  I have job with excellent healthcare - excellent in that I have only paid out of pocket for some kid dental work and my hospital meals when they were born.  Even if the referral process makes me scream.
2.  My beloved husband is going to use his 24 hours off Saturday to fly all the way home so he can see Emma's recital and Michael's Tom Sawyer performance and then race back on Sunday.
3.  My kids have been ROCK STARS - Emma called me at work yesterday to say the the toilet had flooded but she had it cleaned up already.  ROCK STAR! (I could be slightly biased)
4.  I am unbelievably lucky to have fellow Moms to help with transportation and a quick chat while we work through all the details.
5.  Who says a DIY has to be done in a week or two or three?
6.  Thankfully I have about a month to get the biggest jewelry project done - wedding jewelry.  Have the supplies, have the design in my head, so once I sit down and get to it, they should all come together nicely.
7.  I GOT TO SEE THE SPACE SHUTTLE FLY OVER DC...pure luck, I was only driving through downtown coming from said frustrating ortho appointment.  Jaw dropping awesomeness.  Man, we live in an exceptional country!

View more videos at:

8.  Best news of the day???  I have a nephew!  My brother in law's family grew with the entrance of Kyle Matthew into the world early this morning.
9.  Second best news of the day???  I have a picture in Lori Andersen's new e-book!  Click on the icon to check it out...

My darling Emma is my featured photo...

So if you are still with me - thanks for letting me vent, and thanks for letting me share my blessings.  You all are on that list, too :-)


  1. Wow, that is a lot on your plate! Hang in there - one day at a time (or one hour, or one minute). If you need a virtual glass of wine buddy, i'm only an email away.

  2. Vent away! A lot going on but you will get through it, gracefully. :)

  3. Hi friend! I think it's funny that we have the absolute opposite to whine're too busy and have too many things to get done and I don't have enough. haaaaaaaaaaaa We'll never be satisfied, but I guess that's a good thing because then we keep reaching for more. :)
    Love you!

  4. I was stuck in traffic for 45 minutes on the Dulles toll road yesterday when the shuttle flew by, twice! Made sitting in traffic totally worth it!!

  5. That is a full plate for sure and it feels better to whine about it, put it in perspective and then start putting one foot in front of the other to accomplish it all. Wish i could have seen you at beadfest too, will you be at artbliss in May? Sending big calming hugs your way

  6. There's nothing wrong with having a pity party when you need one (after all, it's a party!) -- and I feel for you, I really do. Hoping the coming weeks are brighter!

  7. Vent away honey. We all need to blow off steam. If we didn't that it would get pretty ugly around sometimes! We have all been there, and aside from witnessing the historic space shuttle fly over, have done that! Which makes you normal. But if you want to throw streamers or launch a confetti cannon, I'll be there with you!
    Enjoy the day, Elisabeth!
    Hang in there!

  8. Elisabeth...I could so relate to this post with so much going on constantly. But my husband isn't away as frequently as your husband is and I know that makes a huge difference. You really amaze me with your job, and all that you do with you kids. You're an awesome Mom! And you are SO lucky you saw the shuttle. I was on a field trip in Bethesda and missed it. My 9-year old son saw it twice though and I was thankful that at least one person in our family saw it!


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