If you make jewelry, and by default, accumulate a large stash of beads and supplies, then you fall prey to the "Earrings for Every Outfit" syndrome.  I was wearing a pink t-shirt and a darker pink fleece, a common weekend outfit for me, and decided that I NEEDED EARRINGS TO MATCH...NOW.  I have a set of fantastic beads from JulsBeads and made these lickety split (I'm kinda obsessed with the large loop ear wire):

They are a little loosey goosey because I didn't wire wrap the beads, and I'm not sure if I like them like that or if I need to make a change.  Regardless they were comfortable to wear and I felt put together even if I was wearing jeans, sneakers, a t-t-shirt and a fleece :-)

p.s. - Thank you Federal Government for a delayed work arrival this morning due to an ice storm that did not materialize - the quiet morning home has been wonderful :-)


  1. LOL~ I am like that. Most of my jewelry has one or two outfits to wear it with, or one or two moods! You can't go wrong with Julsbeads. I think that a little movement is in order here. What about using that little loop on the bottom to dangle something, like a crystal or another silver bead in a different shape? These ear wires are so very shapely! I love them!
    Enjoy the day, Miss Elisabeth!

  2. They're lovely. I have never seen earwires like that here for sale....must look around for some.

  3. I'm liking everything about these! Beads--my colors. Earwires--great shape. Bead caps--unique and go great with all the other components! Looking great to me!

  4. Very pretty! :)

    Thanks for the visit on my blog. Now following yours. :)


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