My mother-in-law received a lovely frog brooch that she would like made into a necklace.  I was going to dig through my stash but she had a vision of what she wanted so I am the lucky recipient of two great strands of beads and a picture to work from.  I am hoping the muse will strike this weekend.  It's been a bit crazy in the Auld House but the three-day-weekend-that-sneaks-up-on-you is right around the corner - let's hope for some quiet time sometime soon!

Layla knows that the best way to deal with a busy day is to curl up and take a nap. She also managed to artfully curl her ear over her eye to our great amusement, so Emma snapped this picture.

I've been playing around with my blog header and the patterns and colors on ColourLovers for backgrounds - what do you think?

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  1. That sounds like a fun project! I wish I could just curl up and take a nap whenever!


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