About Thanksgiving last year, after the 3 craft fairs I participated in, I turned my focus to Christmas gifts and got out of the habit of listing on Etsy.  The holidays came and went, our annual ski trip came and went (I was going to get caught up on listing while on vacation...yeah, right!), and the longer time went by the harder it became to get back into it.  All I've been doing was relisting expired listings, so that my shop wouldn't fall into total obscurity.  By now there are some things I have relisted so many times I'm not sure why I don't pick someone and just send them the item for free :-).  But I digress.  The upside of the stall is that I have learned lots more things, have been able to participate in fun swaps and classes, and as I have spoken about obsessively, I have some mad new photo skills thanks to Kerry Bogert's Snaptastic course (which you should sign your self up for, seriously!).  In celebration of my shop refresh I am offering a 10% discount (and shipping is free) - just put in the coupon code ALLNEW when you check out!

Next task - my desk/bead table.  Ugh. (x 3 million).


  1. wonderful pieces and wonderful photos.....I can see you're having fun ....

  2. These look beautiful, I love the way they drape on the open book and the lighting is superb! You have really mastered this! I should send you a pic of my bead table/area and you will feel better immediately! As soon as i do the project for Barbara's book it's the next thing on my to do list!


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