Feeding my current obsession with pictures is a need to get 6 months of creations listed on Etsy.  I have a Square ordered and have heard that you can link accounts so that you can easily create invoices which is my kick in the pants (along with better pictures) to get cracking. My challenge was a necklace I made with dark purple enamel beads, and dark green-y/purple-y roundels, and black wire, and then shiny silver and nearly clear lavender glass beads. Settings on my camera that worked with the light beads made the rest of the beads look black, and settings on my camera to bring out the purple totally washed out the lighter beads.  For example:

But with some tweaking I think these work:

It's now listed in my Etsy shop here.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. beautiful photos and necklace, looks like you're having fun playing...

  2. Great job! And what a lovely piece, too :)

  3. You did a great job capturing the colors!


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