We are chillin' in post-Five Guys-food-coma, Amazing Race-watchin mode.  All four of us spread to the four corners this morning - Emma to a friends and then a soccer game (first victory of the season....awesome!), Michael to his BFFs for go-carting and legoing, Greg on a work trip to London (anyone know any good bead stores there I can send him to?) and me to the Falling for Handmade craft fair sponsored/organized by the Capital Region Etsy Street Team. Everyone except Greg is back home and my military training requires that all "operations" be reviewed, assessed, and lessons learned.

1.  My new shutter earring displays baaaaaaarely fit in my car - but they do fit - yay!  Of course I did not think about transportation AT ALL until Greg and I loaded the car last night. And I needed to drop off the kids on my way--good thing I could scrunch them into the front seat.

2.  I ended up getting there about 45 minutes before the doors opened.  Not much time but I decided the night before that I wasn't going to stress out about the logistics.  It feels good knowing that I can get everything unloaded and set up by myself.  Here is a fuzzy "before" picture:

Here are the after pictures:

3.  The CREST team picked a great facility, the spots were well marked, and they promised power - something I haven't had access to before (the twinkle lights were a spur of the moment purchase and I dig 'em).  I had also added hooks to my display to hang my banner up high - diggin' that too.

4.  I love meeting new crafters/artists--like Barb of Buttons by Barb, Street Team Lead Jennifer of Crafty Stitches, Andrea of The Crafty Professor (great intro, "I should be writing papers to get tenure, but instead I make jewelry"), Suzanne of Beautiful Universe, Linda, my immediate neighbor and a wonderful creator of handbags, and Stephanie of SG Designs, my other neighbor, who had the best line of the show, "Who would have thought the pillow lady would have the most customers!"

5.  I got lots of compliments on my display and my designs, except for the one customer, you know the one, "This necklace is nice, but it needs to be longer - see how it would be too busy up near your face? It should be longer. That way you can shorten it if you want and have it drape down your back."  Wha?

6.  Unfortunately there weren't too many customers, and few who made purchases.  I think while the facility was great, it wasn't obvious from the outside what was going on inside.  It could be the 3 million election signs that didn't make our show's signs obvious.  I seem to be stellar at collecting fun new friends at craft fairs because I keep finding the ones with not too many customers.  But I never come away without learning something new, and I am looking forward to my November craft fair 'cause I know it's one that is full of fun customers :-)

Have a great week everyone!


  1. I love the shutters and the lights - so happy and cheerful!!! Looks like a great set up.I learned I have to condense things cause carrying a lot of stuff in not fun....and yes I had a number 5 as well! XO

  2. Your booth looks amazing! I love the lights! Sorry sales weren't as good as you would have liked.

  3. The booth looked great! So glad you got to meet some new crafty friends, and that you shared them with us! :)

  4. You did an amazing job setting up so quickly and it looks great! I too love the shutters with the banner between. Sorry about the sales though, maybe it'll be better in Nov. everyone will really be thinking holiday gifts by then.

  5. Love the shutters and the lampshades! What a great idea. The whole booth looks great!

  6. What a neat display! Love the turquoise and brown together. Very clever to use lampshades to display the necklaces. I might have to borrow that. :) I'm always looking for ways to consolidate my booth setup but it seems that mine just keeps growing!

  7. Hi Elizabeth,

    Fantastic display, I hope you have better sales at the next one. I was hoping to come by and say hello, but I had a full day.

    Hope to see you soon!


  8. I love your table display! I have attended some craft shows that didn't get much traffic either. You just keep plugging away, I guess!

  9. Elisabeth,

    For a first timer your both looked amazing. It was an ok show let's try again next yr at a stronger location.



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