I'm still on a high from all the great stuff I learned from Kerry at Art Bliss. Here are a couple pictures I took at home, all on my own!  I did have some assistance with styling - Emma said the one necklace needed to be "like a snail" (see second photo).

And here are some more...

What's on your Bead Table today?  Click on the icon to go to the Flickr group.


  1. stunning pieces and wonderful colours
    looks like you had alot of fun

  2. Oh, these are wonderful shots! Love the one with the flower bezel and the last best of all!

  3. Incredible shots of beautiful jewelry! You really got it down, the pics look great. It was so good to see you, it just goes too fast!

  4. Elisabeth, WOW!, you took some pretty fantastic shots of your beautiful jewelry! Great job!


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