We are out west, visiting family in Denver and now Tucson.  Greg and I used to live in Tucson - it was the first place we moved after we got married - and I never get tired of coming to visit.  Luckily my Mom moved to Tucson after she retired so we get to visit often.  My Mom grew up in Ohio and spent most of her adult life married to a Navy man, and never lived in the Southwest until she retired.  She has embraced all that is interesting and unique about this part of the world--all of these pictures are right from her backyard!

P.S. - My "baby" turns 9 today - how did that happen so fast????

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  1. Wonderful photos!! I live in Nevada, Las Vegas (not on the strip)! LOL
    I don't gamble and I have been amazed at how the colors pop here in the desert. All the browns make a nice neutral for the bright cactus and other plants. A new kind of beauty for me to enjoy too!


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