We spent most of Memorial Day weekend camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia at a great place called Cave Mountain Lake.  We went with my brother and his family (that's him and his oldest daughter on the left side of the picture) and it was amazingly uncrowded and peaceful.

It's about a four hour drive and I knew that there would be some blissful downtime, so at the last minute I grabbed a small pouch my husband used to use for cords and other electronic stuff and filled it with beads for a couple projects I have mentally sketched out, the three essential tools I use, and a couple spools of wire.

Between games of eye spy and while the husbands and kids were fishing, I got a chance to make some ideas a reality:

The dark purple enamel beads I made in the Painting with Fire class. This necklace is so not symmetrical I know it will drive my husband nuts when I wear it :-)

The orange focal is one of my very own lamp worked beads :-)  The two loose beads in the middle will be earrings soon.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Oh wow! How cool is that?! I would have been in heaven beading in the woods lol. I love when it's not to hot to sit in the shade on the deck and bead. It's so peaceful. Glad you had fun and those pieces are awesome.

  2. That is such a beautiful trail... we live close to SC/NC line and love to head that way as often as we can! Looks like you guys had a blast!
    Good Good Times,
    Take care,

  3. I chuckled at your comment about your husband liking symmetry. I have a friend who doesn't ever want anything symmetrical and I'm the opposite. I'm trying to "grow" and learn to love the off-balance (my perception) designs. I love seeing other people's but can't for the life of me do it myself! I wonder how people's brains are wired this way.


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