Well, it's been a bit of a crazy few days here at Camp Auld, so much so that Greg, Emma and Layla the dog are passed out asleep and Michael is quietly legoing (it's a verb at our house).  If I wasn't typing right now I think I might be snoozing too, but the quiet time is too useful to give up. 

The latest and greatest Margie and Me challenge from La Bella Joya is Adoration of the Magi by Lorenzo Monaco:

The colors are wonderful, aren't they?  It's Christmas-y to me but in a classy way.  I've been wanting to add a little Christmas sparkle to my own jewelry collection, and have had some awesome, rounded trapezoid stone beads (jade?  so wish I kept better records some times :-)) that demanded to be played with.  I added carnelian rondelles (those I remember), sparkly silver beads, and silver colored copper wire (parawire, naturally) that I hammered on one end.  I used smaller gauge wire to make the ear wires.

They are in my shop and they can be yours if you click here.

There is another bead on my desk that demands to be played with, and I think fits with the colors of this challenge.  I bought it a couple months ago from that awesomely awesome glass goddess, Juls.  Take a look:

Check back here and I'll have the results of my most recent bead day dreaming posted soon :-)  Have a great week everyone!



  1. Gorgeous! I know how you feel about not keeping up with what things are! Argh!

  2. Those are so lovely!! I love the beautiful simplicity of them!!


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