In an effort to get ready for the two holiday craft fairs I signed up for I decided I needed some more sparkly to offer.  I have been working on this and that - whatever direction the beads (and wire increasingly) takes me.  Here's a quick peek:

I still need to trim the extras off of this one - love copper and turquoise - I am meant to live in the southwest some day!  This necklace doesn't really seem holiday party-ish, but it's my muse, and that's where she went :-)  Here is some more new stuff:

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  1. Elisabeth, I really like your wire necklace design! Your coils are just perfect and makes the necklace a one of a kind!
    I have done that too many times - the Lemonade situation.... realized after the fact that I had bought the same magazine twice! :-(

  2. Someone has been working very hard! Beautiful jewelry. Good luck with the show.


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