We've had such a fun weekend - camping, ferry riding, roller coaster riding, ever-so-brief stop at a historic site, outdoor cooking and warm sleeping bag sleeping.  I am not a full time beader, but even so, it was a good break and now I am excited to pick up my tools and see where I am headed.

Much like my outdoor cooking experiments, I often take my inspiration from a little of this and a little of that.  At Art Bliss, Kerry Bogert was wearing a necklace that I admired, because it had stripe-y round beads and coiled wire work in between.  I am not even sure if I even said anything to Kerry, but it got stuck in my noggin as I had bought these stripe-y beads in NYC this summer.

Then during Deryn Mertock's class, we learned how to use a hand drill to twist two wires together and then used the twisted wire for jump rings.  Finally, I just received an order of wire from Parawire, and for reasons I don't remember (maybe to save on shipping? maybe to make something Christmas-y) I ordered a spool of red and a spool of green wire. 

I took several long pieces of green wire and used a drill to twist them tightly together.  NOTE:  My husband's cordless power drill worked great on this - might have to borrow it more often!  I used a marker to coil the twisted wires, but instead of making individual jump rings, I cut them into 3 loop coils.  I strung them between the stripe-y beads and this is what I got:

The green wire makes the green in the beads pop!  And the necklace, while looking like it is strung tightly, is actually very flexible due to the coils in between.  Next on the agenda is the Lorelei Challenge.  I think I have something figured out and I got Emma's approval so I know I am headed the right direction :-)


  1. GORGEOUS necklace~ the twisted wire is a perfect touch.


  2. Stunning! I am creating quite the list of "things I need to learn!". Glad your weekend was good. The weather was perfect.

  3. What a beautiful piece!! I use Klein wire twisting pliers to twist my wire. The nice part is you can control the twist easily.


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