...would buy this:

(sigh) if only I had:
a: a lifestyle that requires dressing fashionably, in a dress, and in heels (AF+Mommy = no)
b: a body that would look this smokin' hot in a fitted leather-like dress

Fun to dream though isn't it?

I was shopping last week in Portland and saw the dress first person at Chicos - not really leather so not really that expensive, but probably would raise eyebrows at church on Sunday ;-)  Instead I settled on some cool tan trousers (sounds yawn inducing I know) that were $108 marked down to $19 at Ann Taylor plus some other goodies.  Did I mention that Oregon has no sales tax, and on our shopping day, Sandy and I had sent the husbands and kids off to the most excellent Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, so had a blissful 3 hours of uninterrupted girl time? 

We are home now from our Seattle - Portland - Mt St Helens/Mt Rainier - Tucson - Home one night - Norfolk - back Home adventure.  I worked in a brief visit to my favorite Tucson bead shop (bead porn to be posted tomorrow) but I can be efficient in a bead store when I need to be.  We've returned to much more pleasant weather, have gotten the yard jungle tamed (okay, Greg did that part), got the pantry and fridge restocked, and reclaimed our 5th family member, Layla, who has been passed out asleep ever since she got home (she was with friends that have a lab and three boys).  I read one of my crafty business books and some interesting articles while traveling, and returned to my giveaway goodies from Lorelei and Amy and a huge pile of catalogs with some inspiring and not so inspiring ideas, so much much much to talk about with you all.  I am sure I'll have plenty of time, what with school starting this week, me being out of the office for two weeks, and needing to train the new guy on my old job and learn my new job!  

Oh! the CFO wants work on "valuing" my inventory so I can accurately price the final products I sell.  It's long over due, I know, but my lack of inventory tracking is coming home to roost.  Anyone got any good ideas on how to track what you buy, where and for how much?  I'll be doing a lot of internet research this coming week!

How that for a succinct and focused blog post?  Enjoy what's left of the weekend everyone!

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  1. I loved the new Chico's catalogue, too bad the clothes just don't work on my bod! However, I am in love with the model's hair cut - what do you think?

    Can't wait to see your goodies. I got my Etsy shop up.


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