Litterally as I was filing off a rough edge of a non-bead I am using as a focal, I turned on the computer, friended someone on Facebook (yay, Erin!) and decided to write a quick post, and then, and then...perhaps meditation would help?  Doubtful! 

I have too many ideas in my head, and awesome learning events like ArtBliss add more (like the long list of tools that I NOW NEED DEPERATELY :-)).  Plus I'm a jump in with two feet kinda gal when I am jazzed about something, so now that I have joined this or that group, I've added to my deadlines and to do lists.  And this is just beading...there are the other parts of my life crowded in there and my (paying) day job.  (stop...breathe) 

So one thing I have been thinking about is how to get Beads for Busy Gals "out there."  The moms I hang out with like the jewelry I wear, but how do I turn them into customers?  One avenue I am investigating is putting an ad in the school directory.  It's only $50 for a business card space, so I am going to give it a try and see what happens.  I took my current business card and added some more info, what do you think?  The "make and take parties" is another new avenue I am pursuing...I had such a good time teaching at Emma's summer camp I thought it might be something I could offer locally for birthday parties.  Anyone else try something similar?


  1. Go for it! Like the make and take title, have not heard it before. It is good to jump in when you feel the urge. The school directory is a great start. I got a day job that takes up about 50 hours of my work week and does not leave me much room for more beading, but some day...

  2. Like the business card. I host two "trunk" shows at my house, one before the holidays and then in the spring. I invite everyone and encourage bringing a friend. I treat it as more of an open house with beverages and food. A time for everyone to reconnect before the holidays. My sales are generally very good. HOpe this helps.

  3. Go For It! I love the make and take idea! There are alot of jewelry parties out there but I am more personal about my jewelry so the make and take would so be for me!


  4. Yes, you have to find a direction that works for you, but sometimes you have to try a lot of things to figure that out! If you really enjoy teaching, then that could be the right avenue for you. You will have to ask yourself what you really get joy out of. Do you feel more satisfaction from teaching? or do you really enjoy just making your own designs and expressing yourself? It's different for everyone. I did one make and take party when I was first starting out. It was tons of fun. I taught everyone how to make a pair of earrings. It was great practice for my teaching career to be in the future! I also had a table set up with my jewelry for sale as well at the party. That worked out well to because some guests might not be that interested in learning jewelry. I also really like Courtney's idea of the trunk show. That is also a great way to go and many jewelry makers go that route! Good Luck! :)


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